A Matter of Perspective

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A church going, God-fearing man is caught in a disaster – the waters are rising, rain is falling and the flood waters are approaching danger/evacuation levels.  The man kneels down, praying to God asking God to save him and his family, to protect them from harm.


Jamilla, a long-time worker with Islamic Relief and devout Muslim, goes door to door within the town, advising residents to vacate their homes by 3pm.  She also tells them that there will be buses for all of them leaving the city centre provided by her organization.  Jamilla reaches our church going, God-fearing man and urges him to take his family to the buses.  He is not particularly rude in his reply, but his disgust for Muslims is obvious as he concludes his comments with “Thank you for the offer, but I have prayed to the living Jesus and asked him to save us so we will not need your Muslim buses!  Watch and see Jesus rescue us so that you might come to believe.”  Jamilla smiles and leaves, saying that they will always be welcome on the buses.


The buses go, taking those in them to safety, but leaving our church going, God fearing man waiting for Jesus.  The waters rise, bursting the banks and begin to fill the streets and houses with water.


Rescue teams in boats travel up and down the streets looking for people left in their homes or caught in other places.  Fred, the town drunk, is found by a bridge and proves to be an excellent aid to the teams as he knows all the nooks and crannies of the town extremely well and seems to have a knack for spotting people where others overlook them.  Instead of staying in the places of safety where those rescued are brought to, Fred stays with the rescue teams as a spotter and guide. 


On their last trip out, as the sun begins to set.  Fred spots the church going, God fearing man and his family in the second floor of their house huddling together.  Try as they might, to encourage the man and his family to get into the boat, they are unsuccessful.  The man is adamant that neither he nor his family will be seen associating with drunken, filthy people.  As a farewell, he states that he has asked Jesus to rescue them and thus he is not in need of help from such people who squander their lives with drink.


The boats leave, the night falls, the waters continue to rise, and the man has to move his family to the rooftop.  They huddle together praying and watching the water come continually closer to them, relentless in its pursuit.


A helicopter circles the town searching with its lights for anyone remaining.  Jackie is the first found – she is a local young women, cast out of the God-fearing man’s church for she became pregnant, and found herself turning to prostitution as a last resort to keep herself and her child alive.  Jackie spots the church going, God fearing man and his family stranded on their rooftop and urges the pilot to go them.  The church going, God fearing man is steadfast, refusing to get into the helicopter as Jesus was going to save him, just wait and see.  The church going, God fearing man was livid with his wife for giving up their faith and getting in the helicopter, especially with a local prostitute on it.  He was outraged to see his children run into the arms of Jackie as she helped them into the helicopter and to see his wife and Jackie arm in arm as they fly away.  He refused the help and remained on the roof, waiting for a miracle.


The waters continued to rise and the church going, God fearing man died.  Upon reaching heaven, he sought Jesus as he was angry for not having his prayers answered.  Jesus looked at him in love, smiled, saying, “I sent my servants three times, but you always turned me away.”



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