Climate Change

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“All this talk about climate change, the environment, I don’t understand – isn’t the only thing that really is important, is that we get right with God?”


“Well, what does that mean?”


“Give your heart to Jesus, read the Bible, pray…”


“Hmmm, let’s say I borrow your car for the weekend and go for a nice drive.  On that drive, I decide to go off roading, hit some trees,, rocks, etc. and the car gets pretty smashed up, the inside filthy and covered in mud.  I come home, give you back the keys, says thanks, have a cup of tea, and go on my merry way.


“The relationship between you and I will most likely be broken or in need of some seriously TLC when you find out the state your car is in, would you not agree?  Fixing your car, taking better care of it, in and of itself, is not going to fix the relationship, but it IS part of getting the relationship right again.


“Looking after the environment won’t ‘get us right with God’, but it is a part of solution.”


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