Here we go, here we go….

by | Jun 3, 2008 | Uncategorized

I am soon off to the Congo to a place called Goma where one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters is happening, but the world is blissfully unaware.  I am off to this place where rape seems to be more common than the sun rising each day, so I ask you to join me in this journey – through engaging in discussions about how to make projects/interventions better, through simply friendly hellos, to prayers (for those who pray).

Let me know what you think!



  1. carolee

    i know i don’t hear much about what is happening there but deep down i know it’s bad and on-going and i just pray knowing that God knows…

  2. dewi

    bravo amos…., besides yourself i’m sure with this blog and your thoughts you also can help many people. People that read may learn many things from this. Thank you for sharing some news from other parts in the world to me. Looking forward to yours posts..

    be blessed

  3. David

    Amos, you’re an amazing guy! I just want to wish you the best as you immerse yourself in that terribly tragic situation. What a challenging opportunity! I’m looking forward to your posts.


  4. Sarah Davison-Tracy

    Wow – this is amazing, Amos! I am a friend of Vicki Petersen’s and she told me about your upcoming journey to the Congo. I’m excited and honored to “travel” with you via this blog. Please do keep me in your loop of stories, prayer requests, and any other ways that we might join arms with you. 🙂

    Lots of love, peace, adventures, fantastic relationships, and safe travels to you, my brother! -Sarah D-T


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