Heaven and Hell

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When a colleague of mine told a friend where he was going, the response he got was “you are going to a place where heaven and hell exist side by side.”  Well we could debate the theological merits of the statement, but we are not.  I find the statement very apt, heaven and hell does seem like a good way to describe this place.  The beauty of the lake, the water, the mountains – all side by side – with volcanoes in the distance – stunning is to calm of a word.   And then you turn around and you see a land destroyed by lava, a land that is returning to colour, but its people are hacking each other to bits.  Stories of rape, attacks by the militia, children with scars from bullets ripping through their flesh, people chased from their homes, people who have been tied, beaten, left for dead, child who have been forced to be soldiers.  And yet the land too is rich, full of life, full of minerals beyond belief, full of people who love to sing, to dance, and laugh. 

I have been here five days or so now and starting to have a sense of what I can do, what I bring, and what I will learn.  French is all over and mine often lost 🙂 but it is slowly improving.  I sit typing this outside my room that has a view of the lake and i can hear the waves crashing – I am blessed.

I have updated the Congo page with some background information about the situation.  I hope shortly to be able to put some stories from people in the communities, but go take a read through and share thoughts, ideas…engage!

It seems like I am having some font problems with the posts that I haven’t been able to figure out yet.  If anyone knows how to fix that let me know.


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