Viruses and Volcanoes

by | Jun 18, 2008 | Uncategorized

well i spent the first two days of this week trying to get rid of a virus on my computer – it completely paralysed my ability to do much of anything on my computer – highly annoying.  Finally with help from colleagues in Dubai and the UK I was able to get it cleaned and this morning things were back to normal – ok, many many emails, but at least I could access my information.  Oh how dependant we have become on the computer – seems to add to the stress of life

Monday night, at home, I could see the infamous volcano that erupted a few years ago, destorying most of the town i am now in.  Lava is everywhere.  Anyways, that is the past, Monday night I saw the volcano glowing red at the top, it was soooo incredible.  The pictures I took are not great, but just imagine this random red glow on the skyline.  During the day, when it is clear I see a continual plum of smoke – so fun.  The world we live in is pretty incredible and full of immense beauty.

So viruses and volcanoes, annoyance and beauty – beauty that can turn deadly. 


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