The Reluctant Fundamentalist

by | Jun 29, 2008 | Uncategorized

I read this book, written by Mohsin Hamid, this morning – a good distraction from all that is going on.  It’s a fascinating read, exploring differences in cultures, opinions, relationships, and the impact of being away from family – all within the context of pakistani living in New York before and atfter 9/11.  In many ways, a simple read, yet if you allow – thought provoking too. 

I love the setting or style of the book, as it is told by the main character to a stranger in a little cafe in Lahore and has the ability of communicating the nervouses that many people have of cultures different to theirs, of things that are different, and the general unease that most westerners have with muslims (even if this is that initial unconscious reaction). 

I recommend it for a read, not quite in the same league as The Islamist by Ed Husian, but still worth the time. 


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