Everywhere’s a Toilet

by | Jul 1, 2008 | Uncategorized

Walking to work, which takes about 30 minutes, I learn many things about life in Goma.  Motorcycles are taxis, dust can be a substitute for breakfast, and everywhere and anywhere can be a toilet.  Walking on one of the main streets in Goma – probably the equivalent to its high street or younge street for Torontonians, Catherine street for Montrealers, oxford street for londoners,  orchard road for singaporeans…. you get the picture.  Not many cars on the street before 7am, but the town is beginning to come alive, many people walking and motorcycles are in demand.  One of random motorcycles comes screeching to a halt just beyond me, the man jumps off, stands in the middle of the road and relieves himself as if it is the most normal thing in the world to do.  Such a great way to start the day! 🙂

Life is full of fun and colour – things so radically different than the world I grew up in.  Driving the wrong way on the road or missing a street and thus backing up to be able to turn, is normal, accepted, and other cars, motorcycles, simple swerve, adjust, and continue on – no honking the horn, no yelling, no traffic grinding to a halt, simply adjust and move on.  Seeing someone relieve himself in the middle of the road is not the way I would like to start everyday, but in reality, its not so different than growing up on the farm.

Everywhere’s a toilet, please watch your step!


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