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Joy exists all around, even amoungst the hell – often in the small things, things that you have to pause to notice or reflect on.  And of course, joy is different for all of us.  For me, joy can be found in the dirt under the finger nails, the free dust meals while walking along the street, a hot shower that only comes once a week if we are lucky, and joy overflows when I meet children, smiling, waving, and getting such delight by meeting, touching a large, pasty white bloke with strange hair – ah the shrieks of pure joy (ok and sometimes pure fear) bring smiles to my face.

But joy also comes from innovation.  Discussions about how to use technology to create income or avenues of protection for women and children.  Discussions about using mobile phones to link communities to pass along information of attacks, mobile phones to link communities to families in other camps or countries, mobile phones to create income for people by selling air time, mobile phones to connect communities to peace keeping forces for safety… the list can go on, but for me there is joy in the discussions and the trying out ideas.

And Joy comes from hearing stories of innovation.  A friend of mine in Lebanon, recently won an award for innovation in advocacy.  He has been working with children and communities around the issue of anti-corporal punishment.  I got such delight and joy hearing about his achievement – he does such amazing work and is willing to push the boundaries of normal thought.  I am proud of him.  Congratulations Pato!!


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