Climbing a volcano

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At the beginning sounds like such a great little adventure to have over the weekend – little exercise, lots of nature, and leave the office behind.  Yet frankly, about half way up, I started to wonder if it was such a good idea after all – the legs were aching, the breathing rapid and at times difficult.  Yet the place was astoundingly beautiful – plants growing out of the lava, at times the lava wrapping itself around the tree trunk – I was blown away by the beauty, blown away that trees, though dead, had managed to remain in place – not completely destroyed.  The colours of lichen on the lava, or the plants flowering as we walked through the “rain-forest” bit, all put smiles on my face.  Yes, there is immense beauty within the horror of the volcano. 

The climb was steep – probably 40 degrees at some points – thus my legs are feeling it as wthey were during the climb, although the climb I was more often short or sugar intake. 

The volcano is called Mt. Nyiragongo and it is the one that exploded in 2002 and there currently are some renewed threats of the activity within it.  Yet 7 of us climbed it, slept on the edge of the ring at the top.  And yes the climb was worth it – the scene at the top was supreb!  A big molton lava pot, incredibly circular, bubbling over with heat, mini explosions… I could sit and watch for hours. 

view from top of crater

view from top of crater

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  1. Yi Tse

    It’s really beautiful….I didn’t know that one can get so near… it’s not just in the movies. Kudos to you and those who climbed it.


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