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Sometimes I feel like my mom (or mum for you brits and aussies!).  I have moments of astonishment about technology that has been developed.  At times when I use my computer, I think I must be like people who first starting to use the telephone.  I can sit in Indonesia, Singapore, UK, Canada, etc. and type into this machine and instantly what I type appears on the screen of friends in Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, the Congo, etc.  Or I can talk to it and hear their voice come back.  Really, when I stopped and think I am amazed.  The world and all that makes it up is incredible!  Now with phones, we can carry them around without the need for a super long cord and talk to anyone in the world who also has a phone, or send text messages back and forth – how crazy is that?  Frankly, this is only the tip of the iceberg (to use a cliche), and yet it gives a feel for the things that people have invented. 

So what happens or could happen if we used some of the existing technology or develop new technology to assist communities in alleviating the poverty within?  What would happen if we put computers in remote villages in Africa and connected the youth there to the youth in other parts of the world?  How would they mutually learn?  What kind of businesses, schools, faith communities, governments, would they create?  How could we use technology to give minorities voices in debates?  Can we use solar technology to help with lighting? cooking?  other energy needs?  How can technology help communities in meeting their water needs without damaging the future sources? 

The list can be endless – what ideas do you have?  How do we use technology with communities (in all areas of the world) to better education?  business?  faith?  advocate about issues?  governance?  How can technology be used to restore the dignity of individuals and communities? 

Please share ideas or links that you have


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