I’m back…with random thoughts

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As you will have noticed, it has been a long time since I have written a post.  I have been off traveling to various countries, not that that is odd for me, but I have taken a bit of a sabbatical from writing and the computer.  I have been back home in Canada for a lovely wedding and visiting family and friends; I have spent a day in London; I have been in Ireland for meetings, fun, and much laughter; and I have been in Jordan for another wedding and a visit to Petra.  Life continues to be an adventure and a journey – full of surprises, joy, and pain.  

While I have been hopping around, things keep happening…people get married, people die, the conservative party gets elected to another minority government in Canada, the stock market crashes worldwide, advertising for booking christmas parties start, grapes are harvested, Canadians celebrate thanksgiving, and the world wonders why on earth the Americans are even thinking about voting in Ms. Palin.  Life is a mystery.

Last night, I saw the film  – Burn after Reading – a clever film about incompetence.  A film that depicts regular people, doing random things badly, but not understanding what they are doing or what they are doing wrong.  Funny and clever, and something that everyone can relate to.  At the end of the film, one character makes the comment – What have we learned from this?  We should do a better job next time, but what did we do?  I don’t know. ”  A film about nothingness and yet everyday life.  

And now that I have thoroughly confused you, I shall leave you for today. 🙂  Aren’t you glad I am back?


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