A few quotes to make you think

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A good friend of mine in Australia sent me a few quotes by a man called Michael Leunig – the first is a prayer, the second a blessing of sorts.  What do you think?



When the heart

Is cut or cracked or broken

Do not clutch it

Let the wound lie open


Let the wind

From the good old sea blow in

To bathe the wound with salt

And let it sting.


Let a stray dog lick it

Let a bird lean in the hole and sing

A simple song like a tiny bell

And let it ring


Let it go. Let it out.

Let it all unravel.

Let it free and it can be

A path on which to travel.




‘God bless our contradictions, those parts of us which seem out of character. Let us be boldly and gladly out of character. Let us be creatures of paradox and variety: creatures of contrast; of light and shade: creatures of faith. God be our constant. Let us step out of character into the unknown, to struggle and love and do what we will.’



I”ll leave you with the questions my friend asked me – Do you think that is a realistic prayer, or is it just a feel-good piece of nonsense to make those of us who stuff up feel absolved of responsibility and guilt?


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