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Seeing.  Not the kind that is done with the eyes, but the kind that is done with the heart or mind.  They kind that makes you say you just know or grants you an out-of-body type experience.  This type of seeing impacts us greatly – it alters us, our perspectives, ways of viewing the world.  It allows us to “see” ourselves in a completely different light.

Recently, on the train in London, I saw myself reflected in the glass.  There was something about the image I saw that struck me – much different than when I see myself in the mirror.  There was something about it, which I can’t put my finger on, but was very present – it was as if I was looking at myself and seeing me how others in the train saw me.  Very different from how I see myself.

This type of seeing also happens when we realise that we are mortal, that life as we know it doesn’t go on forever; there is a door one has to walk through to get to the next stage in eternity.  My dad recently told me that he has split the last piece of wood and once it is burned up, no longer will there be wood stoves heating the house.  This stuck with me, reminded me that yes my parents are getting older and won’t be here forever.  A sobering thought.  A realisation that I too am no longer a spring chicken, but am getting older.  The seeing for me happened in this moment as I drifted forward asking questions about what is important to me, the realisation that life is short and I should just go for it. 

Seeing done with the eyes gives us one picture.  But other types of seeing are needed to pick up on the different hues of colour and delight that is there waiting to be noticed.


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