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the US election is over and thankfully Obama won.  The potential for change and creating a new image is ripe and now we can watch if hope prevails.  I thought it was fascinating to see public parties strewn all over the US – Times square full of people, something that you don’t see very often except on New Years.  I do think it is historic and I do hope that a better era will begin.  Obama has a massive job ahead of him as the country is torn apart, the economy is doing crappy, and then there is the world at war and full of expectation.  Big shoes to put on…

One thing I have found interesting in watching election coverage over here in the UK is that as much as people try to downplay the race issue, the media seems to be set on bringing it front and centre.  I watch the people the BBC interviews in reaction to the results – sad, white people for McCain and happy black people for Obama.  I have seen only one white person interviewed for Obama and no blacks or minorities for McCain.  I find that interesting and sad at the same time.


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