Never Again

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Soon it is remembrance day.  A day that is set aside in many countries to remember wars that have taken place over the years, in which millions of people have died, especially the world wars.  Poppies are worn to remind us of the death of these fellow citizens.  But do we remember?  Do we care?

It seems that we forget and we don’t really care.  The number of wars have increase since the world wars and genocides have continued to happen as well.  We have stood by, either watching or cheering, as the Korean War happened, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, Afghanistan, East Timor, Rwanda, countless horrendous things in Latin America, and many more.  And we still stand by.  

We stand by now as killing and rape happen in Darfur – how many millions need to die there before we begin to care?  We stand by as Congo implodes again – isn’t the death/disappearance of 5 million since 1998 enough?  Or do we need more?  Would we tolerate it if it was in our own backyard or affected our own family?  I think it.  I think we would be jumping up and down, getting involved, talking to people, and bringing change.  

We have been lulled to sleep with luxury.


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