How long

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how long will we stand by and do nothing?
how long will we watch women and girls being raped?
how long will we sit on our couches and watch people being chased from their homes?
how long will we preach from our pulpits about love, grace, and do nothing?
how long will god sleep in his heavenly chambers?

how many people need to die before we wake up?
how many people need to be raped before we take action?
how many people need to be murdered before we acknowledge a genocide?
how many people need to fight over a bag of flour before we share something from our storehouses?
how many minerals do we need to steal?
how obese do we need grow before enough is enough?

what will our children think when we refuse to learn from Rwanda?
what will our children learn in history about what we did when murders and rape ravaged the congo? when thousands of refugees poured across the borders into places like Uganda?

oh but i forgot, on our couches its so easy to push a button to change the channel or to blame the victims, or simply shake our heads and say “africans”
How could a loving god exist if s/he lets this go on?
How can you?

Perhaps god isn’t the one who is dead, perhaps its us.

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  1. Mims

    Amos – Bless you for getting to the point where you could write this. I cant say anymore or I will never stop! I know you believe me!!! :op. This one isnt standing still budster, thanks so much for sharing and challenging us all – as you are able, please keep doing so. Mims x


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