Fists and Palms

by | Jan 25, 2009 | Uncategorized

some days i wish jesus would come back, other days i don’t
i hold on to doctrines, ideas, opinions with fists clenched
so tight that my knuckles turn white
i believe i so right, my hand so clenched, that there is no shaking with humanity
so tight that the ideas shirvel and die

hold onto ideas
have opinions
hold them with open palms, rather then clenched fists
have beliefs
hold them with open palms and acknowledge the mystery
slavery once was thought to be acceptable, now frowned upon
what is today’s slavery
what are holding with clenched fists

ideas held on palms stay alive as they breathe
ideas on palms interact with humanity, society, God
ideas on palms help to explore the mystery
shed light on the darkness
find new unexplored darkness
clenched fists stifle

on those days when my fists are open
i wish jesus would return
so i might embrace him
most often, i am glad he hasn’t
if he did, i might hit him and try to kill him
with my clenched fists

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  1. Mims

    Are they ideas.. or is it pure passion? such a heart for others…children, that when its so unnaturally restrained, naturally fuels aggressive feeling? freedom is what we were gifted, yet we surround ourselves with such restrictions frustration limits ourselves, our lives and each other from every angle to the point we have cornered ourselves…. the focus annoyingly shifts. Be free in your passion, determination and if something is to be restricted, let it be the frustration..


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