do something

by | Mar 7, 2009 | Uncategorized

I see the mud caked, disease ridden children
The mothers, grandmothers on the street
Asking for a little help
I walk by, step over the hungry
To get into the restaurant
I brag about the warmth of my coat and how many I have
As I walk past the man shivering
I whine about churches and their irrelevance
But I no longer attend
I’ll go it on my own thank you
Do something, you say?
I have helped feed the 500,000, with more than 2 fish and 5 loaves
I have helped provide millions cups of cold water
Built thousands of houses
Trained hundreds of people
Built hundreds of schools and health clinics
Spoke out against injustice
Yet it feels I have done nothing

Without love, it’s just a clashing cymbal, a resounding gong


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