Today i stop and reflect

by | Jan 4, 2010 | Uncategorized

well hello, its been a long hiatus but I thought I’d start writing again so here we go. As i reflect on 2009, i realise that i have managed to travel to 12 different countries, some more than once, and sleep in at least 45 different beds! Crazy to stop and think… I added some new countries to my growing list – Italy, France, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Ethiopia – but no new continents (South America and Antarctica still are illusive!) I have been able to see some amazing new cities – Paris, Dubai and New York – and some heart wrenching small villages in Karamoja, Uganda and southern Ethiopia.

I walked famous streets in Paris and New York and seen incredible construction rise out of the desert of Dubai and been in awe of the accomplishments of humanity. I have walked the streets with no names in northern Uganda and southern Ethiopia and felt extremely powerless to make any positive changes to the lives of fellow humans starving to death. More than once I have found the concept of the “lottery of life” more and more apt and grateful that for some reason, I won the lottery. There but for the grace of God, go I.

I happy for the season of Christmas – not for all the glitter, but for the moment it gives us to pause, if we let ourselves. For me it is the reminder of God coming to walk among us, to be with us, even if we were/are not in the mood to have him around. Grace that screams out – you are loved – and enters into the dirtiness of life to try to begin cleaning us up – for me, I hold on that like my life depends on it, for it does, and that to me is what Christmas is all about.

May 2010 bring you many moments of joy and laughter as well as times that make you stop, think, reflect and realise that we are never alone.


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