Haiti continued…

by | Jan 17, 2010 | Uncategorized

well the images, videos, voices of haiti continues to dominate the airwaves; numbers of affected, numbers of dead continues to grow and frankly the numbers will increase for the next few weeks, and we may never know the actual number. Right now, most of what we are still hearing about is in Port-au-Prince, but lets not forget about the countryside or about other villages/towns – they have been affected too and they are receiving less help than Port au Prince at the moment.

Let’s not either think that all is horrible as there are amazing stories of people being found alive, of children surviving, of family members seeing each other on tv and thereby knowing that they are alive. Yes, bodies line the streets, people are desparate for food, water, medicine – but there are amazing people on the ground and throughout the world helping in big and small ways. this is a massive trgedy, but it is also a time when we see great compassion of humanity throughout the world come pouring out.


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