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The video is a bit old, but it still is contagious, if you doubt me, try watching it without smiling a little. It’s hilarious to see Hans, an older Swedish man, getting so excited about numbers, well not so much numbers as what they tell us especially when they are portrayed in a visual manner. It simply is great.

I find gapminder to be a fabulous tool to help communicate with others as it helps us see the change over time. It helps us remember that we are making improvements in poverty reduction and many of the millennium development goals and yet there is still more to do. In fact, it is such a great tool that Google decided to buy it, which often means you are on to something…

And at the end of the day, I’d much rather watch coloured circles move while they expand and contract than stare at a spreadsheet of numbers any day of the week!

Watch the video and enjoy!

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  1. Amr Salah

    I have the pleasure to brief you on our Data Visualization software
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    TC is a new concept in viewing statistics & trends in an animated way
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    Link on Drilling feature (Parent/Child) – Just double-click on any bubble:

    NBC presentation on TED using Trend Compass exported Videos on CNN

    Link on our new Geographical Trend Compass (Earthquake in Japan – Mag
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    Link on Ads Monitoring on TV Satellite Channels.

    Link on UK Master Card vs Visa performance :

    Links on Funds:

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    Link on Chile’s Earthquake (Feb 27th 2010):
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    Bank link to compare Deposits, Withdrawals and numbers of Customers
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    Misc Examples :

    Princeton University project on US unemployment :

    A video presentation by Professor Alan Krueger Bendheim Professor of
    Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University and currently
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    You can download a trial version. It has a feature to export
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    Amr Salah
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