Little Things

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Change

Today on my run, I past one of those iconic red British post boxes; nothing out of the ordinary, but today there was a man on his knees with pots of red and black paint beside him as he applied a fresh coat of paint to the box.  No wonder they stay looking so red always!  As I continue on running, I began to chastise myself with “Of course someone paints them, how else did you think they continue to look good?”.

Obviously, this self talk was unhelpful, but it does remind me about how many unseen or unthought about small tasks happen everyday which are crucial to keeping our lives, our organisations, our societies running.  These can include tracking finances, saying thank you, saying no, making that small ‘tweak’ to satisfy a customer, reading through the brochure one more time, looking the other person in the eye, putting down your phone, and so many more.

In some ways, all things are little things coming together creating a big thing.  Be kind. Be generous.  Do the little things.


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