Two Sides of a Coin

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Change

It’s not really true is it? A coin has three sides – heads, tails, and the thin ridge that differentiates the two.  We often forget about the ridge and yet it is the substance that makes the coin a reality.  We often fall into the trap of this or that, winner or loser, black or white, my view or yours and yet a third, fourth, fifth option is there holding us all together.  Competition can be a very good thing; healthy, as it helps us to improve, to refine. But competition winners only make occur when metrics are agreed and often the metrics are unhelpful; change the metric and the whole game changes.  Short term financial gain versus long term sustainable gains is a simple illustration of the point.

The more we can move from viewing ourselves as a winner or loser, right or wrong, and remember that in all those scenarios we are, things begin to change.  We know ourselves a little better.  And as the brilliant Bernadette Jiwa says “you don’t need to compete, when you know who you are.”


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