Being a Hypocrite

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Small Business

I’m a hypocrite – I have values and beliefs which I profess publicly and silently; yet I often find myself doing the opposite. So yes, I’m a hypocrite, but it feels awfully human. I think we’re all hypocrites at times.  To hypocritise is human (make up a word and go with it…)

Yet we don’t get angry about everyday hypocrisy, do we? We or I tend to get angry when it happens in a trusted relationship or one we thought was trustable. And usually it is when it feels personal.

Fringe of trust or when trust is not fully there. Otherwise it is a mistake.

The other day at work I asked a colleague to do a task and then I somehow ended up doing the exact thing I asked him to do. I have no idea why I did this, but I did.

When I realised it I felt horrible.  I wrote him an apology and telling him he deserved better.  His response was gracious and generous; like he is.  He wasn’t offended or upset, in many ways, he didn’t even notice as we have a lot of trust between us and know each one of us is driving towards the same goal.  I was relieved, but it also made me wonder if we see hypocrisy when we don’t trust the other more so than we there is trust?


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