Creatively Legal

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Change, Development, ICT4D, Ideas

Did any of you actually read all the GDPR cookie consent pop up forms before clicking them to make them disappear?

Did you feel that you had any choice in the matter?  Did you actually understand what you were consenting to, what data was being collected, what ‘rights’ you have?

Neither do beneficiaries of aid or welfare.

To be truly user centric, use human centred design principles, or care about beneficiaries, perhaps we should be exploring this.  What would it take for us to take our privacy policies and data protection policies written in super legalise that most ‘normal’ people can’t understand and ‘translate’ it into drawings, cartoons, and videos that are inclusive so everyone regardless of literacy levels can understand.

What would it take for us to move beyond the ‘covering our organisations’ and viewing this issue from only a simple organisational risk perspective, to a more human approach, a more caring approach?


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