Potty Training and Change

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Change

Potty training is a critical skill most of us learn at a young age.  The process is often frustrating, encouraging, boring, exciting, smelly, and full of highs and lows.

In my house, my daughter is going through potty training and it has been all of the above; yet what is clear is the joy she gets from us sitting with her, reading stories, being with her.  It is a critical part of the process, the being in it together.  This doesn’t mean there aren’t boring bits and ‘accidents’, but our reactions to the accidents, to the being together have a powerful impact on our daughter.

While most of the skills, new behaviours, we need people to learn as we shift organisational culture aren’t critical life skills like potty training, the process is similar.  How we are present and patient with people learning new skills is also critical; it also has a powerful impact on the other.


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