by | Nov 18, 2018 | Change

Email/slack/basecamp/skype/MS Teams/social media; not to mention the regular human interaction.  Sometimes managing projects and people can feel like dealing with my young children who, at times, resort to constant pestering to get my attention.

The discipline of prioritisation or essentialism is such a critical skill of life that surprisingly is not taught in any school from primary to masters.  When we embark on change it becomes even more important to implement every day, every hour.  Through communication and prioritisation we change the culture as people see what is important or the ‘new important’.

While the pestering may continue, we can always choose what to respond to, what channels to listen to – what to give our attention to.  Even when we ‘don’t want to choose’, we still do and in the end by not choosing we are choosing to give over control and to be overwhelmed.


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