The Holding Place

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Change, Ideas

Whenever we transition from one place, one behaviour, one skill set, etc. to another there is a moment in time when everything and everyone is ready to go, but we haven’t left. We’re in the car but haven’t turned the ignition on yet; we’re in the canoe but still holding on to the dock.

This is the holding place; the pause for one last breath before setting out. Often it is very short, but it can drag on if fear or uncertainty dominates.

There is something wonderful about acknowledging this space as it’s important to mark the transition, mark the moment. It’s a moment of being present, a breath, before the “here we go” push off.

The holding place is critical in change processes. It is a different length each time but always too long for some and too short for others. Everyone in the place has decided to change yet still have the comfort of thinking they can change their mind, but they don’t want to; they want to move.

The holding place is a place of collective Courage finding before sailing off into a new adventure. When we forget to give space or rush this space, we weaken the movement.


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