by | Nov 22, 2018 | Ideas

The USA is celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday this week, great stuff; it’s good to be thankful.  The Canadians did it in October, while the Brits don’t really do thanksgiving, but have the Harvest Sunday idea in its Anglican traditions which is similar, just no big feast or national holiday as that wouldn’t really be British.

I’ve found it curious how the idea of Thanksgiving has failed to spread globally, but Black Friday has.  Black Friday the day of apparently big sales, once primarily about electronics in the USA, but now about pretty much everything globally; in fact here in the UK it started over a week ago already.

Black Friday has led to Cyber Monday (another day for buying things) and Giving Tuesday – the lesser known cousin in the corner.  Sometimes I wonder if this will lead us to Bankrupt Wednesday – not a great ring to it and maybe it should be reserve for January…

What would happen if we would compete on who can be most generous, kind, welcoming; not on stuff we don’t need.


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