Roles we play

by | Nov 24, 2018 | Change, Ideas

I am a husband, father, son, brother, cousin, nephew, teammate, colleague, manager, business owner, thinker, writer, and so the list goes on.  It can be good to take a moment and list out all the different roles we play in our lives in relation to others and with ourselves.  It can help broaden our perspectives about ourselves and about others as we often view others as ‘fixed’ in one role they interact with us in and forget they are more than just that role. There is always a backstory and there is never a correct way of doing ‘life’.

Recently, I met someone who I’ve known for a while and each time we meet she is working for a new organisation always doing interesting things.  Part of me was in awe and wee bit jealous as I tend to be one who stays in an organisation for a number of years, perhaps too long, but often with the hope and intent of trying to enable change in the organisation.  Upon reflection I concluded for organisational change to occur we need many different types of people and different roles filled.  We need people to join for short periods of time to challenge, inspire, ’cause a ruckus’; we need disruptors, consultants, loyalists, cheerleaders, coaches, and the list can go on.  Whatever role we play, we also bring our backstories, our ‘other’ life roles, which if we pay attention to can make the change process richer, more human; not easier or smoother or simple, just more human as we acknowledge the complexity of it and still more forward.

So what roles do you play and how are you showing up with your full story?



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