More Generative Questions

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Change |

A good question is like sweet wine soothing the soul.  It’s wonderful as it ignites the conversation, the person, the soul, generating connections previously not existent.  I love seeing the ‘pop’ of adrenaline created by a good question; it brings joy, delight, curiousity, bravery, courage, understanding and unlocks unknown possibilities.  It’s hard for my fingers to type these words fast enough as I’m giddy with the memories of marvellous moments created by good questions.  So here are few good questions, nothing profound below, but delivered at the right time and perhaps inspiration will abound.

  1. Why did X happen?
  2. Why was that conversation so difficult?
  3. Why did we not reach a conclusion?
  4. Why do I say X?


  1. What if X had/had not been there?
  2. What if I/they had done X instead of Y?
  3. What if we had waited until … ?
  4. What if we try something completely different?
  5. How is my backstory shaping my approach/perspective on this situation?


  1. What would be the best possible outcome of X activity?
  2. What would it be like if it was working brilliantly?
  3. What needs to change/happen to make a difference?
  4. What should I do/not do to help this process work?



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