The Unicorn is sleeping upstairs

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Change

A sly smile appeared on my 2 year old daughter as we talked about her Unicorn, who was sleeping upstairs after a long night of adventures.  My daughter had been out on these adventures with her unicorn exploring the fields and forest around the world, but she was not tired as she is a big girl.

I love the imagination of my children and some days mourn the loss of mine.  However, as we sat in the chair enjoying being together, I began to wonder the stories we tell ourselves about our own adventures, the people we meet, the challenges we face.  How much of our stories are imagination, how much are real and does it matter which part is which?

Imagining a new world, a new way of being, a new way of operating is absolutely critical.  How are we, not only encouraging, but requiring imagination to be part of change processes.


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