Utter Failure

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Change, Learning, Projects

Have gathered your team together before a project started and done a premortem?  That’s not a typo, a premortem.  Basically, get your team together and imagine being at the end of the project and instead of imagining everything going well (we tend to assume this), imagine that it was an utter failure and ask what went wrong? What were the things that caused the project to be an utter failure? 

At minimum, it will be an interesting conversation even if it is a bit awkward at the start.  Hopefully, it will tease out risks, fears, concerns about the project in a creative and safe way.  Once all the factors contributing to the utter failure are teased out, you can work with your team to mitigate against them happening and when things go wrong in the project (which they will), you and your team will be better prepared to deal with them. 

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  1. Amy

    And with failure comes incredible beauty – death has lost its power – bless you Amos old pal – hope you’re having fun x


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