Conversation Starters

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Ideas, Questions |

‘Tis the season of lots of food, presents, seeing people we don’t often see and awkward conversations.

What if, instead of taking offence that people didn’t ask us questions or engage in conversation with us, what if we took the initiative to ask questions of others, to invite others to share their story, their experience. What if we took interest in them, to remind them that they matter, they exist, they are ‘seen’. Perhaps that is a Christmas present they want but wasn’t put on the list. Here’s a couple questions to get you started…

  • How do you keep busy during the week?
  • Where were you last year at this time?
  • What did you expect/not expect to happen in 2018 last Christmas?

Give it a go, who knows what might happen.


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