Opportunity lost

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Learning

She waited patiently at the edge of the row 31 as the elderly gentlemen slowly made his way down the aisle of the airplane. She graciously took his coat and his bag to stow away.

Then she disappeared, never to return for the entire flight. She never told the gentlemen where she put his coat and bag so when he needed it during the flight, no one knew how to help him other than simply opening up all the overhead bins. Eventually we found the bag by row 15 and the coat in the first class coat locker.

An extra 5 seconds of communicating where she put the bag and coat would have saved a lot of anxiety, frustration, and concern. Now the gentlemen is planning to issue a compliant; not a very impactful use of 5 seconds.

I wonder when I make the same mistake.


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