Reality Check

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Ideas, Projects |

Dreaming and planning are wonderful.  This time of year is full of it and it is acceptable to make resolutions about the year ahead.  And while I did not create much time between Christmas and New Year’s for reflection, I found myself lying in bed this morning thinking about the year ahead.  I like the technique I learned from Michael Hyatt about imagining I was lying in the same bed 12 months from now after having my best year ever visualising the things I’d done.

With the ideas in mind, I began thinking about the steps involved with them.  That’s when reality came calling – trying to achieve everything at once won’t work and will grow resistance as negative self-talk increases with missed deadlines and goals.

That’s why the idea of thinking about a 12 month period comes in handy as it helps me to ‘stack’ out the goals and make realistic plans. Thinking through the steps, while at times annoying and overwhelming, sets us up for success. And then, it’s really all about each day taking a step towards the goal, building on the steps of the previous day.


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