The art of the simple

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Change

Most organisational change is complex as most organisations have their systems and processes intertwined so change in one area has multiple knock on effects in other areas. Additionally, most organisations are still made up of humans and we are complex, often thinking we are rationale but behaving differently.

While it is important to acknowledge the complexity, the difference, the context; it is critical not to be paralysed by it. We often don’t know or understand the knock on effects of a change until we start. Usually, we create the path by walking.

While, we, as humans are complex beings, we tend to also like the simple. When we communicate about the change we want it is important to be clear about the simple steps that can be taken today. The steps may be different tomorrow or next week, but today what needs to happen. To use a phrase from Seth, we need to communicate “People like us, do things like this…”

Without the simple, organisational change overwhelms. The art of the simple is communicating clearly within the complexity.

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