Thinking Big, Thinking Fast

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Change, Ideas, Learning |

One of the biggest challenges for organisations to be more digitally capable is to create patterns that allow fast development, integration, deployment, stabilisation, and scaling. Thinking big won’t help. Thinking fast will.

John McGinty

Often it appears that we feel like this approach is that it is risky and potentially for some it feels reckless.  But is the opposite or the status quo any less risky?  Or does it just feel less risky because it is more known? 

Thinking fast and moving quickly, if done with a mindset of continually learning and improving, can enable us to encounter the challenges of our approach faster, but also enable us to alter our approach quicker so we can continue to deliver.

I agree with John that small, fast, incremental change and patterns are crucial for organisations to become more digital rather than trying to do big thunderclap change. Having an overall direction of what we are trying to accomplish is also important otherwise we may be fast and have great patterns, but we can still fall off a cliff (we’ll just get there faster!)


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