The Amnesia Trap

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Change |

New Year’s resolutions formulate in our heads devoid of any connection with the rest of our lives so we conveniently forget that we are parents we need to drive our kids to various events.  We create department plans of new ideas and commitments without any remembrance that we still have to perform our other tasks.

When we talk about new ideas, new habits – change – we often talk about them in isolation.  It’s like an amnesia bubble descends while we are in planning mode and then we wonder later on why we did not succeed.

And it’s not just about what we have already committed to, but often also about the context we operate in and the trends around us.  We either forget to think about this or we somehow convince ourselves we are special and will not be affected by our context or by the trends.  Maybe its wilful ignorance, but maybe, it’s unconscious self-sabotage because we don’t really want to change, we simply want the status that comes with saying we will


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