Being Angry

by | Feb 16, 2019 | Change, Identity, Learning |

It happens. It’s part of being human, so well done, you’re human.

Change is full of, well, differences, new things, frustrations, struggles, uncertainty, new stakeholders, miscommunication, insecurity, etc. and this brings out all kinds of emotions in everyone who is involved in and affected by the change. Anger flares up in all kinds of situations, partly because we all get angry about different things, so it’s one more thing to expect to happen, you just don’t know when.

It’s also useful to consider what the anger is about and is it self-anger or anger directed outwardly or a mixture of both. Sometimes we lash out when we are angry with ourselves, so get to know yourself to better understand what is going on inside.

I find anger arrives in many unexpected places and often the more tired I am and people are. Sometimes its healthy and needs to be expressed, other times it’s a signal of something else that needs to be explored. Most of us are uncomfortable with anger so we either run away from it or bury it, which I’m not sure is the best answer. In moments and processes of change the more we can put our emotions, including anger, on the table, discuss them, unpack them, understand what they point to, we have a better chance of helping all of us to be seen, which is a deep human need.


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