Worldviews and Ideas

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Change |

We see the world is a certain way, which informs how we interact with it, with people, what we do, how we do it, how we behave. Our worldview are etched into us throughout our life experiences by our families, our communities, our society. However, it is not static and it does change over time as we have different experiences, meet people (and like) people with different views, or sometimes meet people with a similar view to ours but behave in ways we don’t like. While the changes we make can be prompted by external stimulus, the changes are always made by us.

So when we set out to enact change in organisation does it make sense to try to change people’s worldview or find people who already share the worldview you are wanting to see more of? The latter is likely an easier place to start.

Don’t try to change people’s worldview, build a community of people with a similar worldview and create a movement that people want to join; then invite people into the story, into the new ‘culture’; allow them to change their worldview themselves.


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