Change is developed daily, not in a day

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Change, Ideas |

Many of the sports greats we know have stories of doing extra ‘drills’ everyday – from shoot hundreds of 3 pointers, to hitting targets in goals, to practicing penalty kicks.

Over night business successes are never that, there is always a story of months and years of work beforehand which enabled them to be a success.

We know this and yet there is always a part of us that hopes it will be different for us, that we’ll win the magical lottery and the change we want to see will occur without the hard work. While it’s likely important to acknowledge this desire within us, we also need to release it and let it go.

Change develops daily, in the little things, in the habits we live by, in changing the words we use (or changing their definitions). Even change that we experience as rapid, overnight, often has a lead up period to it. Whatever change you are seeking to bring about, perhaps it’s helpful to ask what are the habits, the practices, the “people like us, do things like this” things, you need to be developing in yourself, your team, your organisation and begin to track and practice them, every day. Perhaps if you show up every day, you’ll help drag the future you wish to see into the present.


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