Choose your words carefully

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Change, Ideas |

“I’d really like to do this type of work, but I just don’t have time as I’m busy with so many other things.  I receive too many emails in the day to be able to have time to do that.”

I suspect we’ve all said a variation of the above before.  Probably during this past week, maybe yesterday or even today.  If we pay attention to the words we are saying, we will notice we are communicating we are powerless, have no choice, and are being dictated to.  The more often we say this, the more we believe it and the more the tape in our heads continually reinforcing this.  

So what would happen if we changed the language we use and started saying “I am choosing to do other things over this work; I’ve decided other things are more important than this.”

Using this language is likely to cause discomfort as we call ourselves out regarding the choices we are making, however it helps us move from using powerless language to language of us making choices.  It also likely to help us begin to see them as choices and see that we legitimately have other options. 


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