The Myth of Everything & Everyone

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Change, Ideas |

The story about the boy who cried wolf and Stephen Covey were on to something – if everything is urgent, then nothing is or perhaps better put, then people will stop believing you.

Similarly, you can’t create something (product or service) for everyone. Think about it, the iPhone which is considered one of the most successful products ever, only had 23% of the market at its height; the iPad had 32.5% of the market. Not everyone. Not even half.

Not everyone wants to change or adopt new things, there are still people using a rotary phone and will only change if it stops working and it cannot be fixed.

Everything is urgent and this is for everyone is a myth; it’s a result of the fear of making choices, of deciding what is important. It some ways it’s the result of being lazy and hiding. Do the work. Choose who it is for, choose what is urgent; if you don’t someone else will and you may not like what they decide.


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