Foosball: The Office Pressure Release Valve?

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Change, Ideas |

My children are going through another growth spurt resulting in more tiredness than usual plus more tumbles and knee scrapes as their coordination is slightly off. The additional result is them being frustrated because they are 3 and 5 and don’t really know what is going on so they often take out their frustration on Mom and Dad. As they adjust to their new size, they tumble less, are tired less, and are frustrated less; until the next growth spurt happens.

On the days when frustration levels are particular high, we have also found pillow fights, trips to the park, or even short bike rides seem to help as they are like pressure release valves letting the kids release their frustration into something physical. However, I should also say that while this helps most days, some days it doesn’t.

In our offices and workplaces, especially as we go through periods of change, pressure and frustration grow. And yet, as adults we have been taught to keep our frustration inside, be outwardly polite, etc. and while I believe being polite and kind is important, I also wonder how we can be acknowledging the frustration change often causes and encourage (provide?) outlets for it. Not gym memberships, more pillow fight. Maybe this is side benefit of having ping pong and foosball tables in offices – perhaps these are pressure release valves for tension that will always build up.


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