The 3P2C Courageous Change Process

by | Mar 24, 2019 | Change, Ideas, Questions |

It happens almost daily. Someone comes with an idea, often a new piece of technology (a shiny toy), which they believe will change everything for the better and so want to implement it immediately. Change is rarely easy and quick, usually it is long, slow process so usually after listening I ask them a series of questions taking them through a framework I’ve developed over the years to help them think through the change process. (I don’t ask every question, I pick and choose)

Problem – What is the problem you are solving (as clear and detailed as you can articulate it)? Who it is a problem for (audience)? Why have other solutions not worked before? What is unique about this idea?

Process – What are the current business processes in place that are affected by the problem and how will these change/look different when the idea is implemented? What is the business model around the idea that will sustain it and how does that ‘sit’ within the broader organisation’s business model?

People – Who are the key stakeholders and people affected?  How will the idea impact their identity – their role, job security, feelings of shame, etc.?  What skills and behaviours are required for the ‘idea’ to be successful?  Where do we find these skillsets?

Culture – What aspects of our organisational culture support the ‘idea’, which aspects resist it? Where are teams or individuals who already have the mindset needed to make this a success?

Context – What are the aspects of the external context in which we operate that affect the ‘idea’ or that need to be taken into consideration for how the idea is shaped or how it is brought to life in the organisation?

And then I often talk about stories and how in each of the above areas there are stories we tell ourselves, stories the organisation tells us, about who we are, how we behave, and what is ‘ok’. And how for ideas to be successful, we need to tell stories too, but stories about heroes that are not us or the idea, heroes who are the people who will use the idea. Stories that don’t talk about how good the idea is (or its technical specifications), but about how it will make us feel.

And yes, I know, 3C2P is a terrible name so send suggestions to rename it.


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