Doing your job vs Shiny Toys

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Change, Ideas, Identity |

Sometimes the problem we are trying to solve do not require a new solution, an innovation, or some new piece of technology. Sometimes they need a human solution; sometimes they just need someone to do their job and hold people accountable. Holding each other accountable for the things we agreed to do is still a job for humans (at least at the moment).

Creating something new or even looking for something new (a shiny toy) can be a way of hiding. Holding each other accountable is not easy nor is it fun at times, but perhaps it’s worth understanding why it is not happening; what is the fear, shame, embarrassment, that is holding us back from doing it. Spending time doing that will be more fruitful than creating another distraction.

Being clear on what the problem actually is, is important work and worth the time and uncomfortableness it takes to do it.


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