Multi-Tasking Change is Unlikely to Achieve what you want

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Change |

Multi-tasking doesn’t work. Countless studies show this, yet we think we are the exception and we are not. Interestingly, we also try to multi-task when we bring about change; we try to do many changes all at the same time. It’s confusing, unproductive, and messy.

Two of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, our teams, our organisations are consistency and clarity. When we attempt to multi-task change we jump around with multiple priorities requiring our teams to guess what their priority and focus should be.

When driving somewhere, there are almost always many different routes that will get you to your destination. There isn’t one right way. However, agreeing which route you will take with your team is important as it helps prioritise what to do when. This doesn’t need to be rigid, you can always select a different route if you run into a traffic jam, but clearly communicating this is vital.

Trying to do too much, too many tasks at the same time, leads to overwhelm and confusion. This is unlikely the change or the destination you had in mind. So make a different choice.


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