Inconsistency is Jarring

by | May 14, 2019 | Change |

“Please help us protect the environment and conserve water by reusing your towel. A towel on the rack means ‘I’ll use it again’, and a towel on the floor or in the tub means ‘please exchange’.”

A version of a sign in most hotel rooms

You’ll find a version of the above in most bathrooms of hotels worldwide now. A small change and choice we can make to help contribute to reducing waste. These signs exist in many Canadian/USA hotels as well.

So, it is a bit jarring then when I go for breakfast to find wax/plastic coated paper plates and cups, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, and every other form of disposable item possible. The rubbish bins (not recycle bins) are overflowing with waste from the guests having breakfast. I have to wonder where the signs talking about helping the hotel protect the environment are now.

It’s jarring because of the inconsistency, the contrast, and message that seems out of step with the world. My guess is that internally in the hotel the inconsistency is not noticed as both actions are viewed as cost reduction and efficiency matters. Their corporate social responsibility report will likely mention the towels, but say nothing about breakfast waste.

The story is inconsistent and jars. Inconsistency is most easily seen by the other, by someone who is slightly detached but invested enough to care. When we listen to them without making excuses or justifications, when we truly listen to them, opportunities to change, improve, grow abound.

The choice is ours to make.


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