Maturity Model Stories

by | May 22, 2019 | Change |

I was recently introduced to the idea of the maturity model, which is a way of thinking or analysing the path one travels on moving from being ‘unaware’ to ‘leading’. There are numerous steps in between – ‘ad hoc’, ‘developing’, and ‘mastering’.

Like most models, it is a helpful way to diagnosis a challenge or opportunity as you describe what each step might look like. The key is agreeing on the descriptions as that allows the analysis.

The second critical piece is embracing that not everyone is going to be at the same place in the model AND they don’t have to be. In fact they may even jump around the model in a non-linear fashion over time.

The descriptions of each stage enable us to create a vivid story which can inspire people to change, to take the next step no matter how small it is or how timid they are. Stories along the journey help us to feel less alone and give us enough light to see where to step next.


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